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Communities, NGO's and Non-Profits

Enlist help to take your campaign management to the next level!

1. Launch Online Campaign

2. Get Help From Friends

3. Reach Your Audience

Forge Communities

Grow communities around a common cause. Campaign and engage together.

Co-create Campaigns

Choose a theme, set your goals, plan actions and events. Launch time!

Crowdsource Activities

Campaigners decide where they want to participate. They invoke their own channels.

Celebrate Results

Collect outreach metrics transparently. Objectives reached? It's party time!

Grassroots Campaign Management

Fediverse, Social Space. Many People, All Together. Stronger Than Before.

Anyone with a Fediverse account can join Outreach communities, or start new ones. For full control you can self-host your own Outreach server. Climate change activism? Open-source evangelist? Promote your worker cooperative? Outreach has got you covered.
Together with community friends and followers - your co-campaigners - you design strategic Outreach campaigns and launch them across a wide variety of channels to a broad audience. Your entire community member base helps to reduce the workload of your PR team.
Themes represent what your community stands for, like 'Equality' or 'Sustainability'. They attract members to become active for your cause. People follow themes to receive campaign-related info, like launch announcements, progress updates and retrospectives.
Events are what is being promoted, and can be anything, online or offline, in past or in future. For example a conference, a blog post, an appeal for funding, or an action of others that needs public response. The campaign specifies the strategic objectives for each event.
Strategy, themes and events determine the PR channels to target. For a software release these may be Hacker News and some forums, while climate activism may target all major social platforms. Campaigners choose to invoke channels using their own account.
Activism is easier when it takes little effort, so Outreach automates much of the manual work via Actions. For instance a Twitter action might trigger multiple Likes and Retweets of an event using the campaigner's account. But campaigners always have full control.

Enter The Vibrant Social Web

Discover Emerging Social Networks • Where Your Community Awaits You

Fediverse • Peopleverse

An Exciting Space

A new breed of social media platforms are being created on what we call the Fediverse. A federated universe of separate but highly integrated applications and services, based on open standards. There is no lock-in, no walled gardens. The Fediverse is a cooperative, synergetic network where people can express themselves freely and unleash their creativity. It is an open innovation space.

Wonderful People

The Fediverse has no 'users', but fedizens. Passionate, open-minded critical thinkers. People who truly care about things, with strong beliefs and convictions. Many of whom were driven away from the toxicity found in traditional social media. To use something better, more positive. Fedizens are activists. And they could be YOUR campaigners if they value your cause. All 4 million of them!

Interconnected servers hosting many diverse communities, numerous people, all working together.

As your community grows, so does your potential to reach out to other media. Additional channels, more interaction and better coordination.

With its open and friendly culture, your organization will feel right at home on the Fediverse.

All that's needed is a Fediverse account at the place of your choosing. Then build your community of fellow campaigners right away.

The Things We Value Most


We strive hard to create works of benefit and delight to people.


Individual choice and voluntary action are highly important to us.


Do not use what doesn't belong to us and protect what's yours.


Foster a diverse culture where humans can flourish and thrive.

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